YFU Cultural Tour 2023

Dear YFU Collegues!

It is such a great pleasure that you joined us after the YFU conference and I had the opportunity to show You some part of the Hungarian Heritage!

During our sunny-shiny days we explored Hungary’s natural values, since we traveled to Central Europe’s largest lake, Balaton, and wealso experienced the living Hungarian folk tradition. In the frame of our special Budapest program we got an overview of the centuries of the city’s development.

Let the pictures talk about our adventures:


Living tradition in a “palóc”village. Aunt Ilonka became our “Grandma” for an hour 🙂


Traditional architecture and the language of the folk costumes in a beautiful World Heritage site.
Strudel, pálinka, singing and dancing. And all what we need to know about Love…


A glimpse into the life of the Hungarian nobility.
A huge, romantic style church. A beautiful castle.
A laid table and Hungarian dishes: goulash and cottage cheese dumplings, just as if we were at home!


Lake Balaton, tha Hungarian Sea. Vulcanos and ancient geysirs. Smell of levander. Taste of Hungary.
And… a sweet date with Gombóc Artúr!


Architecture, grape, wine.
Tradition, knowledge, work and diligence.
Surprise: we were guests of a former YFU student, Tamás Kovács!


Centuries of the city development.
19th century: Andrássy Avenue: the beautiful Opera House and the palaces of the nouveau riche.
20th century: Art neuveau elegance in the wonderfully decorated Schiffer villa.
21st century: Today’s development project of the Citypark. Internationally recognised fantastic buildings: House of the Hungarian Music and the Museum of Ethnography.

Hungarian history

Through our trip, we not only got to know, but also became a part of Hungarian history!

We had wonderful experiences and sweet memories!

Sunny, shiny, happy days with lovely people!
Lots of adventures and knowledges on one hand, and even more emotions and love around us!

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to guide You!

I look forward to welcoming You back anytime!
Warmest regards from Your guide, Judit